Arkansas School Requirements for Children's Vision

  • Arkansas requires a vision screening
  • Frequency: Children in grades two, four, six, eight, and all transfer students

Beginning 2006-2007 school year, required are vision screenings for every child entering a public school or a public charter school for the first time in either prekindergarten, kindergarten, or grade one, two, six, and eight. Also, all transfer students to public schools and public charter schools shall receive an eye and vision screening. The Department of Education shall ensure the provision of all general revenues necessary to access federal funds for eye and vision screenings for all qualified federal healthcare program recipients. The school district shall be responsible for all remaining costs associated with eye and vision screenings. The responsibility for the enforcement of this rests equally with each school district or public charter school and the parent or guardian of the child. A child who fails an eye and vision screening shall be rescreened within one month of the initial screening by the school nurse or a school vision care consultant. An eye and vision screening report shall be sent or given to each parent or guardian of each child who has failed the vision screening test to identify the need for a comprehensive eye and vision examination. Arkansas Code §6-18-1501

A child who does not pass the eye and vision screening tests required by § 6-18-1501 and, except for the color perception test, shall be required to have a comprehensive eye and vision examination conducted by an optometrist or ophthalmologist within sixty days of receipt of the vision screening report identifying the need for the examination. The parent or guardian of the child shall be responsible for ensuring that the child receives the appropriate eye and vision examination. If a child does not receive an appropriate examination then the school where the child is registered shall report the child to the Department of Education and the local school district shall encourage that the child receive an appropriate examination. Arkansas Code §6-18-1502

Standardized forms for eye and vision screening reports shall be developed by the Department of Education in conjunction with the Arkansas Commission on Eye and Vision Care of School Age Children and adopted by the department in regulations promulgated under the Arkansas Administrative Procedure Act. Arkansas Code §6-18-1503.