Louisiana School Requirements for Children's Vision

  • Louisiana requires a vision screening
  • Frequency: Children entering kindergarten and yearly while enrolled in public school

Requires every child entering kindergarten for the first time in each city and parish school system shall be given a nationally recognized readiness screening. The tests recommended by the state Department of Education shall include the capacity to measure a student's proficiency in vision using the present vision screening programs. Each school board may select one of the tests to be used in the system. The test selected and policies adopted for promotion to or enrollment in first grade shall be promulgated by each system in its pupil progression plan and curriculum guides. Each child entering kindergarten for the first time shall be screened at the beginning of the school year. The parent or guardian of each child shall be advised of the nature of the child's level of readiness. Each system shall report to the state Department of Education screening results by school on an annual basis by December first of each year. The state shall pay the cost of state required screening materials and reporting required by law or regulation pursuant to this Section. Louisiana Statute §17:391.11

Requires every city, parish, and other local public school board, during the first semester of the school year or within thirty days after the admission of any pupils entering the school late in the session, shall test the sight, including color screening for all first grade students, except those pupils whose parent or tutor objects to such examination. The school board shall keep a record of such examination, shall be required to follow up on the deficiencies within sixty days, and shall notify in writing the parent or tutor of every pupil found to have any defect of sight. A written report of all such examinations shall be made to the state superintendent of education but shall not be made available to the public. Louisiana Statute §17:2112